500 to 100

Five Hundred to One Hundred

Our goal through this fundraising effort is to generate through individual donations sufficient funds, that will allow every year quarter to distribute one time financial aid of $500 to 100 qualified crewmembers that have been temporary unemployed.

500 to 100

Qualification Programs

Community members will have the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance their technical qualification through designated capacity building programs that will support further professional growth .

500 to 100

Employer Involvement

Through the years the Cruise Line industry have faced many challenges, have overcame difficulties and have learned lessons. We have evolved with the industry and over time, we have adopted company philosophy that we hope to carry our legacy far beyond the services we deliver today. We will continue to seek assistance and work closely with our Clients and Employers to assist our charity efforts to provide support to crewmembers in need.

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